Image: Inkbit

On-demand 3D printing services Makelab expands its range of services with a new production technology: Inkbit’s Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ) technology.

This process operates by repeatedly depositing photopolymer materials in 2 dimensions onto a printing plane, solidifying them using UV light, and scanning the printing plane’s topography to readjust the printing layer accordingly.

The technology has introduced new materials, Vulcan Soft Elastomer and Titan Tough Epoxy (also referred to as “Soft Elastic” and “Tough Epoxy” at Makelab), improving the ability to produce intricate and finely detailed 3D printed parts. Several emerging applications include precision components, liquid-holding seals, and specialized gaskets.

This collaboration facilitates flexible hardware development and enables Makelab to provide companies with new options in prototyping. Consumer packaged goods, hardware, and industrial design firms seeking precise & advanced materials for functional & advanced prototyping could benefit from this technology.

One of the early adopters of this collaboration, Hydrific, a Lixil company, and Makelab customer since 2022, experienced the transformative impact of VCJ technology on their project, tackling water conservation, usage, and sustainability in homes through hardware. With the precision of Vulcan Elastic, also referred to as “Soft Elastic” at Makelab, they were able to precisely prototype gasket parts for their product, with a tolerance and fit unlike any other materials currently available in the market. Because of their need for precision, Soft Elastic was a great fit for their prototyping applications.

Collaborating with Makelab was a logical progression in our dedication to offering customers an expedited route to the future of product development,” says Davide Marini, Co-Founder and CEO of Inkbit. “Working with Makelab allows us to harness their expertise in on-demand 3D printing and pair it with the Inkbit VCJ technology, creating new avenues for functional prototyping and streamlining the transition from design to production.”

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