Colgate and Nourish3D to provide 3D Printed Supplements for Oral Health

“This limited-edition range of vitamins target better oral and body health and adds a whole new dimension to personalising your health care”, Melissa Snover comments.

A poor oral hygiene can lead to a number of health problems including ulcers, pain, inflammation, loss of teeth, dryness of the mouth, swelling to name a few. Yet, amid the targets we set ourselves for improving our overall well-being; a lot of things can be mentioned (exercising, healthier foods, drinking more water) but not bettering one’s oral health.

Nourish3D ambitions to make it a lifestyle goal as it partners with oral health care expert Colgate, to improve oral health care. As you may know, Nourished is an avid proponent of supplements created using 3D printing.

As part of this partnership, both companies have worked together to develop a ‘Limited Edition Nutristacks’, a range of chewies that can help build stronger teeth and provide enamel protection.

Not only are they packed with high-impact, fast-absorbing nutrients, but each “Nutristack is 3D printed fresh on demand to ensure optimum efficacy and absorption levels, and get to work as soon as you start chewing. In addition, they are sugar-free, plant-based and absolutely delicious”, according to Nourished.

This high-impact chewie is made with scientifically backed ingredients and 14 patented technologies. However, three ingredients included in this production currently stand out from the crowd:

Arginine: described as an ingredient that energises good bacteria in the mouth and that can strengthen your body’s natural defence against cavities. This helps to protect the biofilm from a drastic drop in pH levels which can result in gum disease, dental decay and bad-smelling breath.

Xylitol which can enable to lower acid production by bacteria, protecting this way the strength of your enamel in the process. This anti-plaque agent enables oral microorganisms to produce fewer lipoteichoic acids and protect against gum disease.

And the well-known Calcium, which is needed for the maintenance of normal teeth, but also contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism. 

That being said, despite the excitement around this new vitamin, it’s crucial to note that one cannot replace the daily teeth brushing by a Nutristack. And I believe the addition of Nutristack to your healthcare routing should be seen as a fun way to take care of your oral health, unlike other health measures we take.

In the long run, I may be still dubious regarding a lot of food products that are being 3D printed but I am not when it comes to personalized medicines. I see immediate value to leverage test scores and other crucial factors to create a custom 3D printed nutrient or food that can bring a myriad of benefits to those who suffer from a specific disease, athletes or simply those who are looking to improve their overall health.


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