Indian doctors implant a 3D printed prosthetic ear on an Indian woman thanks to 3D modelling software and 3D printing technology.


How they created the prosthetic ear

After scanning her right ear, doctors used Osto3D’s mirror function to design the left ear prosthetic.

The  College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP) and the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) work together to 3D model an ear for the woman of 32. After creating a mold for the prosthetic, it took one week to get the ear implant.


This modelled right ear was mirrored to the left side using advanced CAD technique, and the bottom support on the left side was modelled from CT scan data,” said professor Chougule.These left side landmarks were added to the mirror of the right ear to construct the left ear model.”

The old school would have needed the ear prosthetic to be made from the patient’s costal cartilage. This method would have taken 15 days to create a “natural ear” for the patient and would have been much more expensive. Thanks to 3D printing, the modeling process just required 30 minutes. Thereafter, experts sent the STL file to the in-house RepFab for the 3D printing.


“I am very happy now after the ear has been fixed,” said the patient. “The AFMC doctors have done a great job, replicating the exact look of my ear. No one can figure out that it is an artificial ear. I want to thank the doctors and the CoEP team for giving me a new lease of life.


The Osto3D modeling software


According to experts, the software has been made in a user-friendly way; thus even a beginner user could easily create his/her 3D model.


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