Chromatic 3D Materials displays the future of fashion with LED 3D printed dress at Formnext

Chromatic 3D Materials showcased the future of fashion with a LED 3D printed dress designed by Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht at Formnext. Image Credits: Chromatic 3D Materials FR: Cette robe futuriste imprimée en 3D par la créatrice de mode néerlandaise Anouk Wipprecht réagit à l’environnement grâce à des LED.

Last week at Formnext a fashion designer demonstrated how 3D printing can impact the fashion industry through a LED 3D printed dress created using 3D printable elastomers from  Chromatic 3D Materials

This futuristic 3D-printed dress made by Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht responds to the environment through LEDs. It is the first time a motion-activated design has embedded electronics with 3D-printed elastomers in clothes. 

The 3D-printed dress on display at Formnext showed how creative expression and social interaction will develop in the future with the help of innovative technologies like those used in additive manufacturing. 

The fashion designer attached 75 flexible 3D-printed LED domes to the fabric without using any adhesive or stitching. The same 3D printing technology of Chromatic 3D Materials can be used to make 3D printed running shoes, bags and footwear which adjust according to changing environments. This will be useful in automotive and aerospace interiors as well as in personal protective equipment and outdoor recreational equipment. 

Speaking about the project, fashion designer  Anouk Wipprecht said: “This is my most wearable — and washable — 3D-printed dress yet! As the electronics are enclosed, the material allows me to diffuse my LED lights, and the elastomer is both flexible and strong — making it excellent to bond to fabrics”. 

Closer look into the LED 3D printed dress made from ChromaFlow 70™ material. Image credits: Chromatic 3D Materials

 The LED 3D printed dress is made from ChromaFlow 70™ heat-resistant 3D printing material having four times more draping and stretching ability than other materials. This makes it structurally and functionally useful for creating intimate and leisure apparel including swimwear and sportswear. 

The founder of Chromatic 3D Materials Cora Leibig said:  “By merging the genius of Anouk Wipprecht with our innovative 3D printing, we’re setting the precedent for the future of fashion. We are embarking on a journey that amplifies the boundless integration of tech and art, opening doors for endless possibilities and applications in textiles and fashion”. 

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