Chromatic 3D Materials, a 3D-printing materials and technology provider, announces the launch of a new 3D printer in its RX-Flow™ series: the RX-Flow™ 2500. With a starting price of less than $30,000, this smaller unit fits nicely into the range of affordable printers for printing standard industrial polyurethane parts as well as multimaterial parts, overmolded parts and parts that are printed directly onto fabric, metal and other substrates.

Designed for thermoset polyurethane parts, the new machine would be a great fit for flexible parts at low cost manufactured by forgoing molds and with reduced waste. Moreover, the 3D printer would enable some customers to save up to 90% in material costs versus traditional production technologies.

With a compact workspace of 348 x 543 x 194 mm (13.7” x 21.4” x 7.63”), the RX-Flow™ 2500 3D printer would help maintain the cost efficiency, speed and quality output of the larger RX-Flow™ models. The unit has print speeds of 5,100 mm per minute along the X and Y axes and 3,000 mm per minute along the Z axis. It can print polyurethane parts at a rate of 1 part/10 seconds depending on the shape and size. For example, the company printed more than 300 O-rings in one hour for a leading provider of components for the HVAC and refrigeration industry.

Like other RX-Flow™ printers, the unit works with Chromatic’s printable polyurethanes with Shore A hardness ranging from 50-90. These materials have the same three-dimensional strength and compression set as injection-molded parts.

RX-Flow™ 2500 is a compact industrial 3D printer that pushes the boundaries of performance and speed. It empowers manufacturers, researchers and innovators to bring their ideas to life with unprecedented efficiency by accelerating the production process and reducing time-to-market without compromising quality,” said Cora Leibig, CEO of Chromatic 3D Materials.

The announcement follows the compliance of multiple polyurethanes 3D-printed by Chromatic with anti-flammability standards for airworthiness.

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