Carpenter Additive, the 3D Printer materials unit of Carpenter Technology

Carpenter Additive
Carpenter Additive

Carpenter Technology, a specialist in premium specialty alloys, including titanium, nickel, and cobalt, as well as alloys specifically engineered for additive manufacturing (AM) processes and soft magnetics applications, has created a new business unit for additive manufacturing. Called Carpenter Additive, it aims to provide the industry with a full range of AM products and services.

From LPW Technology Carpenter Additive to Carpenter Additive

The formation of this unit also shows the complete integration of LPW Technology into the company. As a reminder, Carpenter acquired LPW Technology last year, an acquisition that gave LPW Technology the name of LPW Technology Carpenter Additive, a transition that shows that both companies are uniquely and truly ONE company now.  

The AM unit will still include part of the services supplied by LPW Technology – at a bigger level obviously: engineered, gas atomized powders, metal powder lifecycle management solutions, finished component production capabilities, integrated AM and R&D facilities focused on innovation and technical solutions for customers as well as industrial-scale AM and full post-processing capabilities.

From powder production to manufacturing and finishing parts, the full spectrum of our capabilities is what differentiates Carpenter Additive from the rest of the AM industry,” said Chief Executive Officer Tony R. Thene. “We are revolutionizing how customers approach this disruptive technology by offering end-to-end solutions through an array of technical expertise, powder production, parts production, and material lifecycle management. Carpenter Additive is working with our customers and driving industry-wide change.”

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