By supporting HP MJF and Metal Jet 3D Printers, Dyndrite helps AM users achieve serial production

Credit: Dyndrite | Through Dyndrite for MJF users can perform blazing fast 2D & 3D nesting operations. Finely configuring densely packed interlocking elements. FR: Grâce à Dyndrite for MJF, les utilisateurs peuvent effectuer des opérations d'imbrication 2D et 3D à une vitesse fulgurante. Configurer finement des éléments imbriqués très denses.

Dyndrite™, providers of the GPU-accelerated computation engine used to create next-generation digital manufacturing hardware and software, enhances HP’s Multi-jet Fusion (MJF) and Metal Jet line of 3D printers with its 3D print preparation software.

Equipped with new serial production features, Dyndrite’s software solution integrates automated build preparation from multi-gigabyte mesh files, or native CAD, fully controllable 2D & 3D advanced labeling, and more.

Dyndrite for MJF, built upon Dyndrite’s Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE) gives HP direct and contract manufacturers unprecedented power, freedom and control over the MJF manufacturing process. It provides long awaited enterprise features that directly helps industrial users speed production, increase repeatability, and improve traceability. Users can now work with large multi-gigabyte files, leverage native CAD files and their associated metadata to enable automation, finely tune advanced 2D and 3D nesting, part serialization and QR code labels and script automated build prep that eliminates human error.  Using Dyndrite users enjoy native machine connectivity, and full HP file plug in support. Additionally, Dyndrite’s native Python APIs enable data integration with a wide range of databases and 3rd party apps, including AMFG, to improve part ordering, job submission, and reporting, the company explains in a press release.

While HP 3D printing customers will now have the option of using Dyndrite to create and submit print jobs, it should be noted that they will first have to enroll in Dyndrite’s Early Adopter Program.

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