Bringing (again) innovation in tradition: the First-Ever NHL Certified 3D Printed Hockey Helmet Liner

Carbon is bringing (again) innovation in tradition. Hockey helmets have kept the same design for almost half a century. The creator of Digital Light Synthesis™ reveals today a new design crafted with its technology. This innovation is the result from a partnership with CCM Hockey, an OEM that specializes in the hockey equipment industry.

Named Super Tacks X with NEST Tech, because it integrates Next Evolution Sense Technology, the new helmet features a digitally printed lattice-structured liner that would provide the wearer with superior breathability, premium comfort, and elite protection.

Super Tacks X with NEST Tech is a revolutionary helmet liner technology, bringing unmatched breathability, superior fit, improved comfort, and elite level protection for our athletes,” says Jeff Dalzell Vice-President Product Creation, CCM Hockey. “We’re thrilled to be working collaboratively with Carbon to bring never-before-seen innovation to the hockey industry with this new helmet.”

This is not the first time Carbon manufactures a helmet with its DLS™. Last year, the company collaborated with Riddell to manufacture a helmet that would further protect football players on the field. Over 140,000 individual struts constituted that helmet. They are ranging into various patterns that reduce impact forces.

This time, the Super Tacks X with NEST Tech is built with over 130,000 individual struts. Each strut has been customized at every point on the helmet, the overall goal being to facilitate the absorption and dissipation of energy by aligning internal damping struts against the directions of impact that hockey players experience during play.

The helmet is already certified by NHL and it will be made available to all players prior to the 2021 season. Consumers on the other hand, will get their 3D printed helmet in Spring 2021. The latter uses some of the same advanced technology being made available to professional athletes.

[vimeo 457112647 w=640 h=360]

Carbon has a proven record for reinventing products in the sport industry. Big question is: will the manufacturer become an OEM itself in the long run?

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