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“FAME 3D Acquires All Assets of Aleph Objects”. That’s certainly the biggest announcement of this week after the climate of concern and fear the manufacturer of the open source LulzBot 3D printer brand went through.

As a reminder, the USA-based company had laid of 91 of its 113 staff due to cash flow problems. Last Friday, the company officially announced that FAME 3D, their buyer, will now be supporting them at the financial level.

According to reporterherald, FAME 3D, based in Fargo would be a limited-liability corporation set up by a venture capitalist to buy the assets of Aleph Objects.

Grant Flaharty, CEO of Aleph Objects, and now FAME 3D says this, “LulzBot is one of the core leaders in the Desktop 3D Printing Industry. It’s an organization filled with intelligent, innovative people and solutions that are changing the opportunities for Manufacturing and Medical Markets. We couldn’t stand by and watch that type of innovation to go unrealized.”

FAME 3D is continuing the open source legacy for its customer products. Now with solid financial backing, we can continue with cutting edge innovation, high quality long-lasting printers, and product advancements aimed at providing industry-leading solutions”, one can read on the company’s website.

LulzBot will be placing a renewed effort on customer support and responsiveness to customer feedback to help improve its current and future product offerings.

The LulzBot TAZ Workhorse, TAZ Pro, and Mini 2 3D printers are recipients of numerous industry awards and are available for order now.

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