Belotti SpA, a CNC machining solutions pioneer has announced the integration of ADAXIS’s AdaOne software into its BEAD large format additive manufacturing systems for tooling and molds. Those machines have been developed in collaboration with CEAD, a large-format AM system developer.

Belotti SpA combines multi-axis Additive Manufacturing with CNC machining to provide an alternative mold and tooling production. With this integration, its BEAD technology would be more accessible and cost-effective to users. It also makes it possible to program and control robotic arms as large-scale 3D printers for a wide array of materials while reducing both material usage and print time. In addition, a collaboration with Airtech ensures that operators get pre-configured settings tailored to their materials, meeting industry standards seamlessly.

The additive process excels in tooling and draping mold production, reducing lead times, increasing production flexibility, and ensuring cost and inventory control. However, its effective utilization requires significant expertise and methodology, Belotti explains.

The collaboration with ADAXIS enables us to offer our customers an integrated turnkey solution, comprising seamlessly integrated equipment and software, making our technology and expertise instantly accessible to a broader audience”, says Alberto Riganti, Belotti Additive Manufacturing Specialist.

Key features of AdaOne tailored for tooling production:

AdaOne can generate machining trajectories, providing operators with a comprehensive turnkey solution.

  • Automatic Internal Support: reduces design time and material usage by automatic generation of internal stiffeners inside the tooling geometry.
  • Localized Double Bead on Main Surfaces: generation of machining margin and local reinforcement to facilitate machining of the tooling surfaces.
  • Selective corner compensation: adds extra material at corners to ensure correct final geometry after machining.
  • Continuous printing path: minimize starts and stops through automatic seam positioning and tool path optimization.

Collaborating with Belotti’s expert team while applying our expertise in user experience and software development allows us to integrate numerous and unique features into a robust, stable, and industrial-grade solution,” says Emil Johansson, CPO of ADAXIS.

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