Image: Azul 3DTM

3D Printing company Azul 3DTM, has completed a second stage of seed financing, totaling over $8 million. The most recent cash infusion exceeds $5.4 million and will be used to advance the company’s proprietary high area rapid printing (HARPTM) technology and to launch its first commercial printers.

The Skokie, IL-based company will also be expanding its operations to prepare for product launch, recruiting senior leadership, and building its manufacturing facility.

Azul 3DTM is scheduled to ship its first printers to beta partners in the first quarter of 2021, with a full launch of production-ready printers at the end of 2021. Azul 3DTM’s customers will use the printers for manufacturing, as opposed to prototyping, producing several tons of polymer goods per year using HARPTM.

At present, Azul 3DTM is helping to combat the COVID-19 crisis by printing much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE). The company is producing medical face shields for healthcare workers at a record establishing rate of 1,000 per day per printer, in an effort to protect essential workers against COVID-19. Their next generation printer will come online in June, doubling this throughput capacity.

As a follow on to its manufacturing of PPE for COVID-19, Azul 3DTM has been asked by several state and foreign governments to investigate how they can utilize their additive manufacturing technologies to lessen reliance on emergency stockpiles, transitioning to a ‘manufacture on-demand’ mentality. With shifting needs during moments of national crisis, such a capacity would be transformative for emergency response.

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