Axjo unveils 3D printing filament spools from 100% recycled plastic.

Credit: Axjo. plastic filament spools -

Axjo, a manufacturer of drums, spools and reels made of green polymer compounds, introduces a new set of filament spools that are compatible with winding machines.

Made from 100% recycled material, the material used during the fabrication was compounded in the company’s in-house lab to become technically stable recycled material for manufacturing new filament spools.

Our products made from our recycled material have up to 78% lower climate impact compared to those made from new materials,” the company says.

Why use plastic filament spools when there are other environmentally friendly alternatives?

Products made from recycled plastic material that are used, recycled, and reused multiple times have a lower CO2 footprint than equivalent products made from other materials.

In our Swedish production facility, 95% of our products are made from 100% recycled material, and in our USA facility, we exclusively manufacture using 100% recycled material. With our in-house expertise, we repurpose plastic that would otherwise burden other companies, giving it new life in products designed with sustainability in mind. […] For now, you can recycle your filament spool at a regular plastic recycling station,” Axjo explains.

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