Autodesk Netfabb collaborates with Sinterit to improve SLS 3D printing

Autodesk Netfabb and Sinterit added a new sieve and automated operation to make SLS quality printing easier.

Sinterit’s mission is to manufacture SLS printers. By collaborating with Autodesk Netfabb, both actors want their users to use the new printer almost immediately without obligation to learn the use of another piece of software.

Sinterit Lisa, the printer, can be used via Netfabb in the Standard, Premium or Ultimate levels. The working environment could then be properly fit in Netfabb to the needs of a specific 3D printer.

The process

A new sieve is added to Lisa. According to experts, it “increases the speed of removing powder and facilitates multiple uses of the material.” Furthermore, features such as automatic levelling of the powder surface, automatic setting of the bed heights, and the possibility to multiply prints were recently added to the working space. By this way, users will get an easy end-to-end solution for SLS printing.

Duann Scott, Additive Manufacturing and Composites Strategist at Autodesk states the SLS process provides design freedom and material options that enable high quality, end-use parts not possible with other additive, or traditional manufacturing techniques and Sinterit is democratizing access to this technology with a massive reduction in price without compromising on part quality.”

Last but not least, this access to industrial grade optimization for the SLS process, build packing and parameter level will surely lead to the use cases for polymer additive manufacturing.


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