Antwerp Fashion Department student uses 3D printing for new footwear collection

Le monde de la mode a récemment découvert les applications de la technologie de l'impression 3D. La créatrice de mode parisienne Violette des Roseaux, qui est également étudiante en master à l'Antwerp Fashion Department, a fait appel à la société belge d'impression 3D PrintPlace pour concevoir des chaussures en s'inspirant du mythe grec de la nymphe Daphné.

The fashion world saw the applications of 3D Printing technology recently. As a Parisian fashion designer Violette des Roseaux, who is also a master’s student at Antwerp Fashion Department took the help of Belgian 3D printing company PrintPlace to design footwear drawing inspiration from the Greek myth of the nymph Daphne. 

des Roseaux borrowed the idea of the nymph Daphne transforming into a laurel tree to escape the advances of Apollo to showcase a metamorphosis story in her Nymphea fashion collection. 

 Speaking about her vision, Violette des Roseaux said: “I worked on the concept of  metamorphosis from organic bodies to vegetation. I tried to convey the ideas of growth and  blossoming intertwined with the female body through garments and jewellery. The Nymphea Flower  Shoe collection I collaborated on with PrintPlace is a remarkable translation of that concept into an  object. It represents a flower growing and eventually embracing the feet, relying on the concept of a  platform shoe to make it walkable. This shoe type provided me with a great amount of creative  freedom to design around the foot and facilitated the birth of this out-of-this-world aesthetic.” 

Similar applications of 3D printing technology in designing footwear were seen earlier when adidas created the meshwork of their shoes using DLS  technology. 

Models wearing the Nymphea collection

Here, the Parisian fashion designer created the Nymphea Flower Show collection bypassing time and budget constraints by using 3D printing solutions of PrintPlace.

The Co-Founder of PrintPlace, Wesly  Jacobs revealed how the designer involved them in the project from the beginning. 

 “We provided an abundance of valuable input, guiding the conceptualization and 3D Design process towards efficient prototyping and production  through 3D Printing, all while preserving the original design vision of the Nymphea Flower Shoes. We settled on a combination of Desktop 3D Printing technologies to realize the shoe collection in a timely  manner and with the high quality expected from haute couture fashion projects”, said Jacobs. 

The Parisian fashion designer streamlined the design innovation process with 3D printing technology which left her time to design the shoes without worrying about completing the models.  This led to the production of the Nymphea Flower Shoes which integrated myth, fashion and 3D printing technology.

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