An entire new category of national stock numbers has been created for 3D printing filaments

National Stock Number (also known as a NATO Stock Number) is simply the official label applied to an item of supply that is repeatedly procured, stocked, stored, issued, and used throughout the federal supply system. The 13-digit numeric code enables to identify all the ‘standardized material items of supply’ as they have been recognized by all NATO countries.

An entire new category of national stock numbers has been created for 3D printing filaments. This new category reveals how much 3D printing is being used across more public sector supply chains in the US and internationally. Following extensive evaluation of the top performing nylon materials for 3D printing, taulman3D’s Bridge Nylon is the first nylon chosen. Taulman3D is a producer of materials for the 3D printing industry.

The material will be part of a newly available line of SKILCRAFT 3D printing filaments, supplies and accessories with National Stock Numbers (NSN) and the AbilityOne designations.

The performance and viability of 3d printed parts are directly linked to the quality of the materials and feedstock being used. We are pleased to be included in this initial group being assigned National Stock Numbers in the 3D printing filament category,” said taulman3D President, Zach Lichaa.

The first nylon chosen

These materials will be distributed through North Central Sight Services (NCSS) under the SKILCRAFT® brand. For more than five decades, SKILCRAFT products have been supporting and supplying the US federal government’s needs. NCSS has been providing fulfillment services to the government and military for a wide range of supplies for over 30 years. The SKILCRAFT line of 3d printing materials includes only selected American filament manufacturers across a range of polymer types such as nylon, PLA, ABS, specialty material for bio-medical applications, and support materials.

SKILCRAFT 3D Nylon Pro is an engineering grade nylon polymer, with excellent chemical, thermal and solvent resistance. The material is used daily by professional engineers to create items including but not limited to gears, hinges and flanges. The material is made exclusively in the United States to mitigate supply chain issues.

Nearly a decade ago, taulman3D began developing materials specifically for additive manufacturing processes,” Lichaa said. “Thankfully, that work has allowed us to build a vibrant customer base across various industrial sectors, and to meet the needs of U.S. and Allied forces as they leverage additive manufacturing to modernize their supply chains.

With SKILCRAFT 3D Nylon Pro end users get the same high-quality nylon they receive from taulman3D. NCSS provides all assembly and fulfillment labor along with a special spool made from polycarbonate they recycled. Combining taulman3D’s ability to produce high performance materials and NCSS’s decades of experience delivering products to the US military when and where they need it, means reliable performance, reliably delivered.

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