An £4 million investment in Evo 3D printed dental implants

The medical technology company Evo, specialized in 3D printed dental implants, has secured an £4 million investment from BGF, the British Growth Fund. The funding will enable the company to develop its clinics, which highlight well-equipped on-site dental laboratories across the UK and consider an international growth.

In order to provide its patients a new and nice smile, the company already integrates the latest technologies as part of its equipment: digital scanning, prosthesis manufacturing, 3D printing, and high-precision milling machines.

With two offices in the UK, the company has already provided over 3,000 full-arch reconstructions for patients.

Evo’s founder and CEO Dr Vijay, says: “Evo is taking what’s possible in dentistry today far beyond the limits of what has previously been available. We’ve combined state-of-the-art engineering, innovation and first-class patient care to deliver a solution for the chronic types of tooth problems that inflict millions of people across the UK.

Lastly, BGF would have invested in several healthcare and medical technology companies across the country and has backed other online platforms dedicated to the healthcare industry.


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