AMFG reports on the state of the industry for AM service providers

For the first time, AMFG publishes a report that presents the state of the industry for AM service providers.

3D Printing service bureaus are a growing segment in the industry. Their role is essential in the development of new applications; not to mention that they are a tangible way to confirm the capabilities of 3D Printing technologies (software & printers).

Over 50 providers of 3D Printing services shared their feedback & opinions of the industry in AMFG’s survey.

The 36-page report outlines their challenges, what drives revenue and insights into the outlook for the next 12 months. You will read views from SmarTech’s VP of Research, Scott Dunham, Graphite Additive Manufacturing (UK), Parts On Demand (Netherlands) and Makelab (US).

It’s been a few years that AMFG is unveiling through its blog key insights and accurate trends that shape the industry. It goes without saying that this report will meet expectations of those who are looking for answers regarding the near future of this segment.

Our research has found that the lack of 3D printing knowledge is one of the biggest challenges for service providers today,” says Victoria Akinsowon, AMFG’s Senior Marketing Manager and author of the report.

“Service providers are finding that a significant proportion of their customers still only have a vague understanding of the capabilities and limitations of 3D printing technologies. Much more education needs to be done throughout the industry in order to overcome this.

“Therefore, those service providers that leverage their expertise to provide educational material for their customers will be better in a better position to succeed.”

You may check the details of this state of the art here.

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