AMFG receives funding to improve AI Software for Additive Manufacturing

AMFG has been granted Innovate UK funding to develop its AI Software solutions for additive manufacturing (AM).

The UK-based software company aims at breaking barriers to scaling AM for production and these hurdles include quality concerns and lack of efficiency. Innovate UK funding is right on time for the company and will be invested in 2 key areas of AM production: the improvement of quality assurance and the optimization of production scheduling.

The reality is that users often lack skills and expertise in the use and analysis of wide-ranging data sets. Furthermore, among its numerous advantages, an appropriate machine learning technology might enable manufacturers to predict failures in their processes.

Indeed, it should be noted that the company’s workflow management software includes request submission, production management and post-processing management. The University of Nottingham’s Centre for Additive Manufacturing (CfAM) alongside other partners will support AMFG in this project.

AMFG’s CEO, Keyvan Karimi explains the importance of this funding for additive manufacturing:

Currently, additive manufacturing still needs to prove that end-part production is viable at scale. Software will be a vital piece of this puzzle. We’re thrilled to put Innovate UK’s funding towards further enhancing our machine learning technology and helping manufacturers manage — and scale — their AM operations effectively.”

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