No need to introduce anymore the e-commerce platform Amazon. The company has started selling globally its own brand of 3D printer filaments.

Those who know the industry very well know that this launch does not mark Amazon’s entrance in the 3D printing industry. The company indeed started by an e-commerce of 3D printers and accessories. The launch of this brand only shows the advancement of the e-commerce platform in the additive manufacturing industry.

Amazon believes 3D printers are part of usual electronics everyone should have at home. Prospects will even find its filaments in the AmazonBasics range alongside with other products we regularly use at home.

The 3D printer filaments

PETG, PLA and ABS plastics are part of the materials sold on the platform. The spool is made of 1 kg material and is available in standard 1.75 mm diameter.

The package includes a storage bag that protects the filament from contamination when it is not used.

Lastly, the spools are available from $19.99 and prices can go up to $79.99 for a pack of 5 spools.

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