Alexis Walsh’s APEX SERIES: a mix of traditional craft, 3D printing and simulation

Specialist of 3D printed fashion Alexis Walsh, unveiled its APEX Series during the 3D Fashion runway show presented by Lexus Germany in Dusseldorf. The collection was firstly showcased at the Harvard Identities Fashion Show in April. However, the coat and clutch bag were presented in GE’s Industry in 3D event in May.

DUESSELDORF, GERMANY – JULY 21: A model walks the runway wearing a design by Alexis Walsh as part of 3D Fashion Show by Lexus during Platform Fashion July 2018 at Areal Boehler on July 21, 2018 in Duesseldorf, Germany. (Photo by Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for Platform Fashion)

The APEX Series

The collection has been fabricated in collaboration with designer Justin Hattendorf. It combines traditional craft with simulation in order to generate 3D printed hardware for garments.

The 3D printed pieces were developed with a custom app that we built, designed to merge complex, precise digital models with the tactile, intuitive nature of working by hand,” said Walsh. “Once printed, the translucent hardware is outfitted with brass threads and manually screwed onto the garments.

The collection will make you remind of reptiles’ skin, due to the tiny tips and plates used. To achieve that, after completing the basis hardware, the team manually attach brass threads onto the garments. The studs were designed within the garments’ flattened tailoring patterns.

At the end, the artist decided to create a variety of garments using this mix of traditional craft, 3D printing and simulation: a coat, a vest, pants and a dress.

Images via Alexis Walsh

Even though technical details regarding 3D printing have not been given, we can observe that the diamond shapes on the dress highlight the fabric draping. Furthermore, in order to enhance structure and aesthetics of the dress, the team exploited another hardware. The coat integrates dense, fractured elements to ergonomically drape along the body. The clutch bag hardware acts as a handle for the wearer to grasp the bag.

Alexis Walsh is gaining momentum in the fashion industry. We are curious to know if the public can benefit from its creations.

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