With the goal of making an impact on the planet (as 3D Printing is a sustainable production method), on the community (as it reinforces a spirit of collaboration) and on the pioneers (as people who didn’t have any access before could benefit from this knowledge), Addm.io has developed the online course “3D Printing for Entrepreneurs”.

The Netherlands-based 3D printing e-learning startup is the idea of Robin Huizing, who will also be the main instructor of this course. He combines extensive experience as a 3D Printing engineer in well-established Dutch companies including Shapeways and Additive Industries, and he has been running his own design studio for 12.5 years where he hosted creative workshops and focused on product design and design visualization.

The whole story started when Huizing started looking for different training programs and courses. Very quickly, he realized that most of these courses were sometimes lengthy, on location, and expensive. Not to mention that other less-costly alternatives made sacrifices on their level of quality, and only contained general information.

The raison d’être of this online learning platform is to deliver affordable, application-specific courses that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, from the moment the learner has Internet, a PC or a smartphone. 

During a 3-day course, Huizing will mainly teach entrepreneurs how to design, the various applications of 3D Printing and how to leverage them, and monetization.

If there’s one thing that can make an impact in our industry right now it’s education, that’s the reason I started addm.io. I want to do for education what Autodesk did for cad software”, comments the founder.

Available via Kickstarter, users can gain access to the 3D Printing for Entrepreneurs course as from €82 ($89).

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