Additive Talks: Insights into the use of Additive Manufacturing for medical devices

On July 07th, Nicolas Bouduban, CEO of Swiss m4m, Dr. Ruchi Pathak Kaul, maxillofacial surgeon & founder of Reconstructive Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as well as Dr. Yi Sun, Head of 3D surgical planning lab in the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery at UZ Leuven, discuss the use of AM technologies in the production of medical devices.

This conversation took place in a context where advantages regarding the use of AM technologies for the healthcare industry, are almost always emphasised at the expense of real implications for both the doctor and the patient.

In this vein, in a conversation moderated by Kety Sindze, Managing Editor at 3D ADEPT Media, our three experts discuss this topic with key objectives in mind:

  • Discuss technologies and applications that highlight the use of AM in the production of medical devices
  • Highlight the challenges and implications for doctors who would like to leverage these technologies
  • Lay emphasis on the regulations constraints that slow down the use of AM technologies in this field
  • Respond to technical concerns from engineers and biomedical engineers regarding the use of existing and future AM technologies in the field

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