Additive Talks: “How to optimize multi-functional parts with AM?”

On June 10th, we gathered Dr. Elena Lopez, Head of Division Additive Manufacturing at Fraunhofer IWS as well as Alexander Pluke, co-founder and CEO of Additive Flow to discuss the various ways to optimize multi-functional parts built with Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

This conversation makes sense in a context where additively manufactured parts, although extensively customizable, are often limited in functionality. Most importantly, although multi-functional parts  require the integration of active sub-components in order to deliver additional functional capabilities, their manufacturing process raises several questions at the design, materials and fabrication levels, but also on the effective integration of such parts in a structure.

In this vein, in a conversation moderated by Kety Sindze, Managing Editor at 3D ADEPT Media, Pluke and Lopez discuss this topic with key objectives in mind:

  • Help users understand the concept of multi-functional parts;
  • Discuss the various manufacturing processes, the appropriate materials solutions as well as the right design steps that may enable engineers to obtain multi-functional parts.
  • They also shared – as you will see in the video below – multi-functional 3D printed parts built for specific projects as well as a live demo of what engineers can expect at the software level
  • And, obviously, they responded to the audience’s concerns regarding optimization of multi-functional parts with AM

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