One year ago, with the growing trend around autonomous construction, we sat down with experts from   COBOD International A/S and PERI to discuss the realities of the construction 3D printing market. This conversation was conducted as part of an Additive Talks session.

The main goal of the conversation was to explore the different types of technologies that could be leveraged on this market and discuss their viability and compatibility with different types of applications in the construction industry. One of the topics that raised a number of questions back then was “regulations”; and our experts couldn’t provide accurate answers on this topic. 

Fast forward to today: the construction 3D printing market continues to grow at a very fast pace. We have witnessed a series of “firsts” across several countries; the business model of certain OEMs has opened new possibilities for the mass public to be involved in this industry and new materials are continuously being explored.

Here is the thing, at the manufacturing level, besides the research performed on materials, new trends have highlighted the concept of digital inventory – which is quite intriguing when we know that this concept is a better fit for companies that manufacture parts. Furthermore, a great number of 3D printed buildings completed are built as part of social initiatives. This ultimately raises the question of costs for this industry – Questions that have been sent directly to 3D ADEPT Media or shared via multiple forms on social media.

These are some of the questions that will constitute the backbone of our next additive talks session.

Set to take place on Wednesday 14th September from 03.30 pm to 04.30 CET, the virtual panel will gather two main industry experts:

Anna Cheniuntai

Anna Cheniuntai. Technological innovator and entrepreneur, Anna is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apis Cor, the most advanced and pioneering robotics 3D printing construction company that contracted the Guinness “World’s Largest 3D Printed Building” for the Dubai Government, in 2019 and received the top awards in multiple categories from NASA in their 3D Printed Mars Habitat Challenge. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Space Physics in 2014, Anna made a leap to Entrepreneurship. She successfully managed a massive $6m project to construct and deploy the ground navigation system supporting the infrastructure of the Olympic Games in 2014, this is when she identified the enormous need to automate the construction process.  

Coming from 12 years in the IT sector and 17 years in construction with emphasis on Additive Construction, Stephan Mansour will be sitting next to Anna Cheniuntai. His specialty is construction digitization and leading disruptive innovative technology adoption. Stephan advises global corporations and entrepreneurial establishments on how to successfully implement the means necessary to transform business operations and be disruptive players in Construction. In addition to his advisory/consultancy role, he is currently leading International Additive Construction Standard initiatives with JG80 under ISO/ASTM and as vice chair of ASTM’s F42.07.07. sub-section. Stephan currently works at Wohlers Associates, an ASTM company.

Wohlers Associates is an independent advisory firm with more than 30 years of experience in technical and strategic consulting on the new developments and trends in rapid product development and additive manufacturing. The company assists with organizational strategy and direction, partnership opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, product positioning, and competitive issues. It also provides advice on growth trends and what the future holds. 

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