Safety & Sustainability raise a certain number of issues in production environments.  For UK-based post-processing specialist Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), four pillars enable a sustainable manufacturing environment: no waste, better chemistries, less energy, less labor, and consumables.  

Safety & Sustainability require a thorough analysis of all the steps involved form product design to final end-use product or component.

As far as sustainability is concerned, AM operators mostly focus on reduced energy and material consumption while analyzing this issue. For AMT’s founder & CEO Joseph Crabtree, “a true understanding of AM’s effect on sustainability needs to (…) assess how AM enables more sustainable models of production and consumption.” In this vein, 4 advantages enable sustainability in a manufacturing environment: product and process redesign; material input processing; make-to-order component and product manufacturing; and closing the loop – in other terms the reuse of AM materials.

Sustainability crosses the path of Safety

AMT is a real proponent of digital manufacturing systems. In that sense, the company’s goal is to improve the role of AM through post-processing.

Unveiled a few months ago, the post-processing solution is designed for polymer 3D Printing.

As the PostPro3D is a closed loop system, there is also no waste stream for operators to dispose of. The machines require periodic maintenance by qualified AMT technicians, during which recycled consumables and carbon filters are collected and changed”, explained the founder.

The company is increasingly drawing the industry’s attention since they entered into a collaboration with Farsoon to develop customized post-processing solutions for the China-based manufacturer.

AMT has found its marks in this industry and is increasingly enabling the transition to AM for a great number of production applications.

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