There are several key moments for companies that exhibit at an event and one of them is the moment they evaluate the return on investment of their participation. Additive Industries is one of those companies that are not going to wait for long to appreciate or depreciate the results of Formnext.

The company have started to enjoy the results of their participation on the last day of the event. Indeed, at Formnext, The Netherlands-based manufacturer of systems showcased its MetalFAB1 system and Intech, an Indian 3D metal printing company has confirmed its first order of the system on the last day of the show.

The recently launched company’s center in Singapore will be in charge of the process, application development as well as customer support of the system the Indian company ordered.

Accelerating adoption of additive manufacturing is the primary objective at Intech. Moving from prototyping to series production with focus on cost per part with repeatable quality is the way forward”, confirms Mr. Sridhar Balaram, CEO of Intech. He further adds: “This is a stepping stone for Intech in achieving its goal to meet the demands of customer requirements of printing large parts with excellent quality. Intech has been working with various customers in different industry verticals by identifying parts for mass production as a proof of concept. With Additive Industries’ MetalFAB1 we can now scale for volume. The system is unique in the industry and we are excited to add this to our fleet of equipment”.

This order is certainly already giving some ideas of expansion in this region to Additive Industries especially when we know that the Indian market is still a growing market in additive manufacturing. Anyway, for the CFO of Additive Industries, Ilko Bosman, this order confirms their strategy and focus around industrialization and productivity leadership.

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