A teaser of “Talk to AiSync” by Ai Build, which uses natural language to fully automate the generation of production ready 3D printing files.

Image via Ai Build

Ai Build, a SaaS company developing AI-powered software for additive manufacturing, has introduced  “Talk to AiSync” – NLP for additive manufacturing. This Natural Language Processing system (aka NLP) could operate like Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) giving a 3D printer slicing instructions.

What does it really mean?

Well, if you are new to this world, note that Natural language processing (NLP) combines computational linguistics, machine learning, and deep learning models to process human language. Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) on the other hand, is a text generation deep learning model trained on the data available on the internet. It is used for question & answers, text summarization, machine translation, classification, code generation, and conversation AI.

In the case of Talk to AiSync, input from the user will be transcribed into actions that the software can undertake to deliver results. This means the user will no longer need to delve much deeper into the software, tweak individual parameters; he will therefore save a lot of time on these tasks.

Instead of wasting time manually adjusting parameters for a successful 3D print, simply Talk to AiSync to optimise your 3D print file using natural language, removing the guesswork and costly trial and error stage of AM production”, Ai Build explains.

What impact on mainstream AM adoption?

If this works well, Ai Build will be able to massively reduce barriers to entry for mainstream adoption of AM. It’s (almost) like users will be able to produce parts just at the push of a button – without the guesswork and trial and error. This impact is measured by Ai Build using a First-Time-Right (FTR) ratio.

This will bring the work of designers and engineering teams to another dimension as they could explore complex multi-objective engineering intents and design better products without the constraints of difficult-to-master graphical software interfaces. This impact is measured by Ai Build as the average Design-To-Production-Time spent in front of the computer preparing fabrication files.

Right now, the company is entering beta testing of Talk to AiSync with its trusted partners. Testing on real world prints in a variety of high performing engineering materials to establish the limits (if any) of this revolutionary development before general availability to the AM community”, they say.

 This development comes as no surprise from a company like Ai Build that already bears the acronym of “Artificial Intelligence” in its name, and if they succeed, this will bring the potential and/or impact of artificial intelligence on AM to another level.

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