Creations achieved by students are probably one of the most innovative ones in the 3D printing industry. They do not lack imagination when it comes to creation.

A product design student in UK is currently creating a media hype with his futuristic underwater jetpack. Called CUDA, the object can allow its user to achieve speeds of up to eight miles per hour.

At the beginning, Archie O’Brien (our design student) wanted to buy a jet ski engine and wear it as a jetpack but such type of engines is so expensive that even during special offers, he realized that he could not afford it. Thereafter, they were told to work on a student project as part of his training and at this moment the creation of CUDA really starts. It took almost a year to Archie O’Brien to design and manufacture a prototype.

Images via 3D Hubs

He worked with 3D Hubs to design its prototype. The team finally 3D printed 45 parts and used PLA materials and FDM technology for most of the parts. The different parts were coated in a thin layer of epoxy resin and doors to the rechargeable batteries. They just needed less than 10 minutes to assemble the jetpack underwater.

Furthermore, some components such as the device’s impeller were 3D printed using SLS technology and carbon fiber-infused powder in order to get the “extreme stiffness needed for such parts.” The batteries can be replaced as quickly as possible in order to allow continuous use at remote locations.

According to 3D Hubs, “the CUDA currently has a patent pending for its propulsion system and its first production models with being launched in Q2 2019. The next step after production will be Archie taking the CUDA around the world to fulfill his dream of gliding through those tectonic plates and jetting alongside sealife.”

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