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I have been given the opportunity to briefly talk about and describe my experience with Endurance Lasers Labs and my own personal 10w Endurance Lasers.   Perhaps a little background on me.   I am a self-taught woodworker with about 25 years of experience making furniture, gifts, and all kinds of customized items from wood.  I got into the CNC world about 3 years ago, and again, all of my CNC experience is self-taught.   I am a fourth-generation high-voltage lineman by trade, and I’ve been teaching young lineman the trade for more than 10 years.

So about 3 years ago, I bought a proprietary CNC unit, with proprietary software; don’t get me started on software, and proprietary hardware.  I do not regret the purchase as everything has been great, with one exception.   It is very difficult to use anything not proprietary with this particular manufacturer.  I have enjoyed making all kinds of custom projects with my CNC machine. I had even bought a laser for it, and yes, it was from the same company, and only works with my CNC.  It works fine, really well actually, but it was so slow, and painful to watch work.   I used the laser for probably 2 years.   I would shy away from laser engravings for no other reason than it tied up the machine for so long.

Here is where things have become interesting.   While looking for a laser program that would easily work with my proprietary equipment, I came across Endurance Lasers.   I found their website very interesting.  I am not sure I have ever seen a site with so much information attached to it.   You can learn everything about lasers just from their webpage endurancelasers.com.   There are links to videos, instructions and educational tools, you name it.  If by some small chance you cannot find what you need, you are only one click away from communicating with George Fomitchev, CEO and founder of Endurance Lasers.  He is very quick to respond with either an answer or a pathway to the answers through volunteer technical assistance personnel, people that are subscribers.  The advantage of this service is endless.   Imagine trying to figure out how to get a laser to work on any number of CNC machines and 3D printers.  In this volunteer universe, we all have access to a countless number of professionals and experienced CNC’ers.   I have found this invaluable.  I have used it many times, and I have personally helped others when asked.   It’s a rewarding feature, and as an educator, I can say the best way to learn is to teach someone.

All right, back to the Endurance Lasers.   I purchased a laser directly through George after many conversations about the burning question; will it work with my proprietary machine?   George was confident that it would work with what I was using.   I took a leap and purchased it.  It did not take long for the laser and control modules to show up at my door.   It was incredibly easy to mount onto my CNC.  The next step was to wire it into my machine.   There were some instructions on the Endurance webpage for my brand of machine.   Unfortunately, it was for a previous version as a new version had come out, and that was the CNC that I purchased.  It did work, but not like I wanted it to.  Not to worry though, with George and a half-dozen happy volunteers on the case, I was able to better understand what needed to be done to get it to work.   After learning what had to happen, I needed to understand my machine and its control module better.   I became more familiar with my proprietary machine, controls and software.   The instructions provided by Endurance Lasers directed me to wire straight into my main CNC control box with two simple connections.   It worked, but again, not quite like, I wanted it to for my needs.   I next decided to look into the control module for the proprietary laser that came with the CNC.   I discovered a two-wire connection inside that went to my old laser so I used that connection.   I plugged it into it and away I went.  I was in great shape.  This was the first real time I was able to see the power and functionality of George’s Endurance Lasers.   It was powerful; incredibly powerful.   At first, I had to turn it way down or it would burn right through my work piece.   Then it dawned on me, I can go faster now.   That was the original problem with my other laser.   I turned the Endurance Lasers back up and sped up my machine.   The results were amazing.  I had great shading, dark and light spots where I wanted them on a family photo I was making on a piece of wood.   Then I tried cutting some plywood.   With a couple passes, I was able to cut right through a piece of quarter-inch plywood.

I have been impressed with George and with his Endurance Lasers from the word go.  Customer service is as important to me as the items I purchase.   I do not think you should sell something that you do not understand, or that you cannot help your customers understand.  Endurance Lasers is not one of those companies, but instead a company with unparalleled knowledge, experience and tools to provide outstanding customer service.  Endurance Lasers sells high-quality lasers and controls.  They know what they are doing and talking about.  My first stop for a new laser would always be Endurance Lasers.  Give them a try; who knows I may be the one helping you with you system, but I know that George and Endurance Lasers will be there for you – and me – if and when the time comes.


David Peterson

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