A 3D Printed “Star Wars” costume for a teenager’s wheelchair

As part of Comic-Con’s special ‘Star Wars experience’ that was held from July 19th to 22nd, the non-profit organization Magic Wheelchair offered low-cost bespoke costumes to kids with wheelchairs. A Star Wars x-wing fighter wheelchair costume made using 3D printing was particularly impressive.

The costume was for Vedant Singhania, a young boy of 13. Magic Wheelchair collaborated with Pixologic Inc., Dangling Carrot Creative for the 3D printing of the costume and Monster City Studios for the assembly and finish.

The team used the Massivit 1800 3D Printer. 50 individual parts were produced in about 2 weeks. The 2.44m-high and 3m-long (8’ x 10’) spaceship provides Vedant with his very own Star Wars X-Wing fighter jet, crafted by some of the original Lucasfilm prop fabricators.

The lucky Vedant was excited when he was showed the costume. He expressed his excitement and appreciation to all involved: “It’s mind-blowing. I didn’t expect the costume to be so big and I’m thrilled that it’s an X-Wing Fighter because I love Star Wars. I was really excited in the parade. I was so happy because all the people were taking pictures of me. It made me feel like a celebrity.

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