Ohio-based startup Physna raises $6.9 million in series A funding to create “Google of 3D Models”. The financing round led by Columbus venture capital firm Drive Capital will help develop the company’s software product, increase adoption of Physna’s technology, and further build out its engineering and sales teams.

Physna’s innovation

Physna, short for “Physical DNA,” has developed a search technology that enables anyone to search 3D models in seconds. The geometric search engine increases efficiencies within CAD design and manufacturing.

With the help of some CAD and PLM programs, Physna’s search engine turns 3D files into a codified structure. A structure representative of the 3D model results from this approach. Moreover, thanks to machine learning, the search engine can recognize common traits among traits among 3D Models making it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

All results of a single research are afterwards found in the user’s own database of 3D files. Search results include similarities and differences between 3D models returned by the search engine and the files used for the search, regardless of file types.

The results are orders of magnitude more accurate and faster than was ever previously possible in 3D search,” said Physna Founder and CEO Paul Powers. “We are just scratching the surface. The uses for Physna’s core technology are virtually limitless.”

The next step for Physna is to increase the database of 3D models by adding models that are increasingly used in a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, defense, consumer goods, electronics, and energy. A number of collaborations are currently in progress to make it happen.

I remember watching Google rise to become the company that would set the standard for text and image search,” Drive Capital Partner Mark Kvamme said. “I see the same potential here and believe Physna could become the market defining company for 3D search.”

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