3dMosaic, aRks3d’s collection of jewelry

3dMosaic is a set of accessories that result form the combination of art and technology. This masterpiece is the one of aRks3d, an art studio that offers 3D design services.

In this particular creation, Francesca and Rosanna, an artist and an architect, have worked together to combine to create this unique collection that harbours an “innovative” look to the traditional mosaic and integrates both richness and elegance.

The designers take inspiration from the places where they live, so impregnated with history and traditions related to the mosaic, embodied quintessentially from the Cathedral of Monreale and the Palatine Chapel of Palermo, inimitable and eternal excellences of the Byzantine school mosaic mastery.Traditional mosaic in a contemporary, futuristic key, freeing the mosaic technique from the formal patterns and limits, as it supported and accompanied by the innovative material 3D printed.


For the creation of Mosaic, 3D printing enables to mix past and future in a single accessory. The creators explain that an old form of art was able to meet an innovative technology.

You might recall while reading these words VESPERS, a series of 3D printed death masks by Neri Oxman. The artist also wanted to combine past and future to achieve his creation.

Technically speaking, Mosaic gathers pieces of colored glass, stones, or other materials. It is often used for decorative art or as interior decoration. Most mosaics are made of small, flat, roughly square, pieces of stone or glass of different colours, known as tesserae.

The accessories are 3D printed with PLA. The additive manufacturing is used for the glass mosaic tesserae, strictly handmade, “whose textures with abstract motifs recall shapes and details derived from nature, bright colours contrasted and vibrant.”

The collection is available at the Lab of aRks 3d Alab, via Aragona 21, Palermo and at the Parisi Antonina Art and Craft Mosaic Lab, via Arcivescovado 13, Monreale.

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