3DGence unveils a soluble support material for PEEK printouts

Polish manufacturer of 3D printers 3DGence brings a game changer in 3D printing processes with the launch of a soluble support material for PEEK printouts. Called ESM-10 (Engineering Soluble Material), it helps stabilize the support structure in a chamber whose temperature is above 80°C.

Advantages of the ESM-10

This engineering filament provides an array of benefits to its users. First of all, it enables the creation of complex 3D prints that require complex supports. It perfectly meets the requirements of PEEK and ABS materials, which can be washed out in the prepared water solution. Indeed, its features facilitate its use with technical materials where popular PVA or BVOH cannot be used.

Thanks to a Support Dissolving System (a circulation tank), it is easy to remove the support material from 3D prints. Indeed, the insulation and the heating system ensure the ideal temperature for such type of operations. However, it should be noted that into the circulation tank, a dedicated chemical solvent should be poured, which will dissolve the ESM-10 without damaging the model material. Filling and emptying of the station are extremely easy thanks to the connection to the water system and the water pump. The chemical solution together with the dissolved ESM-10 material can be safely discharged into the sewage system after rinsing.

Filip Turzyński, Quality Development Manager 3DGence explains that the use of this solution will enable to protect the printed model. Furthermore, “in the automated rinsing process we can obtain a clean model free of supports, which is fully functional”, adds the expert.

The ESM-10 is ideal for technical applications but should not be combined with PLA filament. The latter should rather be used with soluble materials such as PVA or BVOH. Lastly, it can perfectly be used with the 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 industrial 3D printer.

Images: courtesy of 3DGence

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