From dental implants, safe and essential vaccines to medical inhalers, manufacturers of ceramic 3D printing technologies are increasingly exploring new applications of ceramic 3D printing in the medical field. Despite the very limited number of biomedical applications, it should be noted that ceramics integrate regular porous structures and mechanical strength that facilitate their integration in the human body.

In the short list of companies that have decided to expand the number of applications in this field, there is 3DCeram that has just signed a partnership with Gregory Nolens, an expert in advanced manufacturing and medical devices. Founder of Cerhum– a company that develops 3D-printed bone grafts – and external lecturer at university of Namur (in Belgium), Nolens brings a strong expertise in medical 3D printed ceramic solutions around the table.

Through their collaboration, both partners aim to meet the demands of biomedical players in their supply chain. Nolens will especially assist users of Ceramaker printers with certification required in dental, orthopaedic, maxillofacial, and plastic surgery fields to name a few.

As a reminder, as part of its offering, 3DCeram develops and commercializes a comprehensive range of printers from C100 EASY FAB to C3600 ULTIMATE. Based on SLA technology, the company’s 3D printers have led to the tailor-made production of small series of bone substitutes (intervertebral cagesand tibial osteotomy wedges) and cranial or jawbone implants.

Over time, the manufacturer has adapted its product portfolio so that it perfectly meets the specifications (in terms of in terms of  HAP(Hydroxyapatite) or TCP (TricalciumPhosphate) or Alumina ToughenedZirconia (ATZ)) for osteointegration and biocompatibility, in medical applications.

 Today, no matter what the stage of the process is, both partners will support medical companies that wish to leverage ceramic 3D printing as part of their applications.

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