3D Systems is increasingly covering all aspects of 3D printing applications. The provider of 3D Printing services has launched today an On Demand Anatomical Modeling Service. This new service will give medical professionals access to 3D printed anatomical models produced from their 3D digital files, that will enable them to enhance 3D visualization for surgical planning as well as patient education.

How can professionals obtain a model?

Anatomical models in a variety of materials for 3D visualization of complex anatomy. (3D Systems)
  • Medical professionals can easily upload a 3D model file (i.e., STL, OBJ or PLY) to the company’s On Demand Anatomical Models website. Customers can prepare model files with 3D Systems’ D2P™ software or any commercially available software.
  • Customers select from a variety of materials from which to print depending on the use and desired areas to highlight in the model, and then request an instant quote.
  • After reviewing the quote, the requestor can place the order in just one click, and the finished model will arrive in approximately five business days.

In order to accelerate the process, a connection between its D2P software and the On Demand Anatomical Models website has been implemented. The software integrates a module for Volume VR, which enables the upload and launch of the patient scan into a 3D VR environment without any pre-processing of the data.

The professional can therefore exploit the scans and use a better view of the patient’s anatomy, control layer visualization, and cut cross sections in any direction. Other improvements include improved mesh creation options, import and alignment of external mesh file into patient scan, and 3D PDF generation.

This on demand service of 3D Systems will certainly make you remember BioMimics from Stratasys, a solution that is capable to 3D print medical models that are designed to meet demands of the industry’s leading hospitals, researchers and medical device manufacturers.

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