3D Systems adds new materials and a new 3D printer to its portfolio of digital dentistry solutions

NextDent LCD1

AM company 3D Systems unveils new products designed for its digital dentistry portfolio: the materials NextDent Base and NextDent Cast, and a new 3D printer, the NextDent LCD1.

New Materials

3D Systems’ dental 3D printing materials enable dental laboratories and clinics to address a wide range of applications such as trays, orthodontic and prosthodontic models, surgical guides, dentures, orthodontic splints, crowns, and bridges. Today, the company completes its portfolio with the two materials below:

  • NextDent Base is suitable for printing all types of removable denture bases. This material is the third generation of the company’s denture base material for 3D printing and has excellent mechanical properties. The feedback on the previous generation of this material provided the R&D team with clear direction including high break resistance and robust printability. NextDent Base is truly comparable to conventional denture base materials and will provide patients with long-lasting, impact-resistant dentures. NextDent Base will be available in four colors to match a variety of aesthetics and is planned to be available for ordering in select markets later this year.
  • NextDent Cast is a residue-free, easy burn-out 3D printing material suited for a variety of applications including RPDs, crowns, and bridges. The latest version which produces parts in blue color enables improved printability and easier burn-out and provides a castable part that is stable and strong. NextDent Cast is available for immediate ordering.

NextDent LCD1 Makes Digital Dentistry More Accessible for Clinicians

The NextDent 5100 was one of the first 3D printers, 3D Systems unveiled for digital dentistry. It is built upon the company’s high-speed Figure 4® 3D printing technology and leverages the performance of its materials portfolio.

The NextDent LCD1 will complete this portfolio. It’s a smaller footprint, easy-to-use printer designed to deliver high-quality results. The compact footprint combined with simple touchscreen operation makes this an ideal printer for use in small office environments where the production volumes may be less demanding. The NextDent LCD1 uses LCD technology and features auto-calibration to deliver parts with a very smooth surface finish, 3X faster than is possible with stereolithography (SLA) printers. When combined with the company’s resins and new NextDent Wash & Cure for post-processing, clinicians have an easy-to-use workflow that delivers high-quality results. The NextDent LCD1 is available for immediate ordering.

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