3D Printing on stage at “Opera” theatre in Rome

In August, we were announcing the collaboration of WASP, Italian 3D printing specialist with the famous Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, for one of its set designs, Fra Diavolo (Brother Devil).

During the press conference, Carlo Fuortes, Superintendent of the theatre laid emphasis on the choice of a scenery 3D printed. He mentioned their satisfaction in view of their first experience in using 3D printing, a technique of the future.  “Moreover, the story of theatrical performance has always been a story of inventions and  experimentation of techniques and materials. Today 3D printing is already present in all design work but also in building elements in various productive areas. Here, for the first time, thanks to WASP’s commitment and work, it is employed to build the scenery of a lyric”.

As for WASP, the challenge was very risky according to the founder Massimo Moretti. The truth is that was the first time they applied 3D printing to such a big project.

The plastic we normally use to print has a huge cost when used to produce the 1500 Kg of the scenery. So we decided to  turn to a cheaper material, one  that, when the scenery will no longer be used, can be easily recycled, shredded and reused for a new and different work. For this job at first we rented a shed near our home, now this shed is ours and we are the only 3D printing company able to produce very large objects. This is the case of Fra Diavolo, where art is dragging the industry and opening up new creations and new job opportunities.

How WASP makes use of 3D Printing?

WASP subdivided the 3D model which looks like a 3D model into 223 pieces in order to fit into their 3D printer, DeltaWASP 3MT ( ie a 1 meter diam. x 1 meter high cylinder).

The team used PLA coloured of white pigment. In total, they used 5 printers to accelerate the realization within a 3 month-period. Indeed, the true challenge was to deliver the scenery on time.

The DeltaWASP 3MT Industrial will stay next to the entrance of the Roman Opera until October 8th, “first” Sunday of the month. Engineers of the company will feature a 3D printed statue representing the Fra Diavolo character (on a scale 1:1). The scenery of the play will remain on stage at the “Opera” until October 21st.

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