According to a new report from “Research and Market”, the global 3D Printing market would reach USD 23.79 billion (€ 20.24 billion) by 2025.

Also called Additive manufacturing, this technology is as a reminder a “procedure that produces parts through the successive addition of layers of materials in various 2D shapes”. Once built upon one another, the layered 2D shapes form a 3D object. With other technologies such as the subtractive method of production, where the process begins with a block of material from which the unnecessary materials must be ground before obtaining the final shape of the object.


Well-established in the industrial sector, especially the “industrial vertical” one, companies of this market’s share enhance everyday the product manufacturing and time required for a product to easily reach the market. However,  misconceptions among manufacturers about prototyping as well as the lack of process conctrols or regulations remain some inconvenients of this industry. According to experts, “these factors currently hamper the market growth; however, they are anticipated to be overcome over time owing to increasing government initiatives and growing awareness among individuals regarding the benefits of 3D printers.”

BeAM Machines, MarkForged, 3D Systems, Dassault Systems, GE Additive, EnvisionTec Inc. or Autodesk are some of the leading companies of this industrial sector.

However, desktop 3D printing is likely to hold a promising future owing to the growing popularity of the technology among hobbyists, innovators, and the education sector for technical training and domestic/personal uses. The technology is expected to be highly touted for its economic advantages rather than being perceived as a labor-intensive industrial manufacturing technique. Local shops that install 3D printers and offer 3D printing materials, filaments, 3D modeling, and 3D printer software have become an alternative business model, especially in developing economies such as Brazil, South Africa, and India.

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