3D printing is part of mobile technology lab’ lessons

Newington Public School (NPS) partners with SMART Technologies Inc. to develop digital education through a mobile technology lab. The lab will offer lessons such as basic computing applications, coding, robotics, and 3D printing.

Both partners aim to increase digital literacy of the community. For Dr. William C. Collins, Supe

rintendent of Newington Public Schools, this project is the first step in this long journey. What matters is the moment where youngest students, called “Techsperts”  will be teaching others these different lectures.

We are here to provide the outlet, our students are the ones who will learn, explore, and lead with the technology on the SMART Bus. Our students amaze me every day. They can pick up technology and new programs so quickly; I cannot wait to see what they will accomplish with this new lab.

Digital Education on the road

The bus will go throughout Newington and surrounding communities to provide workshops, trainings, and tech demonstrations.


John (Jay) Salerno, Director of Educational Technology, Newington Public Schools. Salerno leads this digital education journey.  He is one of 36 educators in the world who was selected by Google as a “Certified Innovator” for the London 2017 cohort.

When we put technology in the hands of our Techsperts, great things happen,” said Salerno. “With the SMART Bus, students in the program will be able to facilitate learning with their peers, younger students, and in the community and surrounding areas. The technology and SMART Boards, donated by SMART Technologies, will allow our Techsperts and student instructors to offer lessons and lead trainings from right inside of the mobile technology lab, the SMART Bus.”


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