3D printing helps in the manufacturing of water pump rotor that is essential to fight wildfires

With the increasing heat, meteorologists expect severe weather, and the wildfire season usually began at the beginning of June. Wildfires therefore generate costs, not only in terms of preparation to fight against them, but also in terms of damages caused.

Attention is then to be made on all methods to reduce costs, and to have a high-quality equipment. In this context, a recent tool used by firefighters, the water pump rotor, has recently been redesigned using 3D printing technology in order to facilitate the work of firefighters in case of emergency.


The reality is that rescue and firefighting units are often using floating pumps while coping with wildfire. They can also be used by individuals to pump significant amounts of water, as much as 1000 dm3 per minute.

In order to optimize pump’s operations, the shape of the rotor blades of the pump has been redesigned using 3D printing to reduce the number of processes needed to implementation of the 3D model, and execution of the product (3d print) by omitting machining, polishing, as well as drilling and tapping holes. Furthermore, if the designed shaped needed to change, it would be fast and easy to make this change in 3D software.

3D printed parts have been manufactured using Sinterit SLS Technology. The technology has enabled to get a regular surface and thanks to isotropic properties of SLS powder as well as its mechanical parameters it was ideal to provide real-life tests and confirm the final shape of the pump.


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