3D Printer Maker Printrbot Closes its doors

The first announcement has been released on the company’s website.

The Desktop 3D Printer manufacturer was one of the first companies to offer makers, 3D printers that best fit their needs. The company opened its doors to the market in 2011, with a successful Kickstarter campaign presenting an affordable 3D printer kit. The team raised $830,000 for a $500 machine, positioning itself as a big competitor on the market.

Brook Drumm

For the California-based team, it was crucial that their materials remain affordable and open-source. Over the years, they succeeded in offering a range of options from laser-cut wood to steel and aluminum.

2014 and 2015 marked the introduction of Metal and Pro 3D printers as well as the availability of the company’s products in retail outlets on the one hand, on the other hand, the addition of “CNC routers to the lineup, including the revolutionary Crawlbot, a compact machine that would strap to the material it was to cut and pull itself back and forth.”

Unfortunately, due to software issues, Printrbot could not benefit and release the potential of the Crawlbot as well as other creations it was about to propose the market.

The sad reality is that the founder Brook Drumm is right, “low sales led to hard decisions.” And the 3D printing industry is a niche market, the sector dedicated to makers is even smaller, so companies whose core business is intended for these professionals should not lack of creative strategies to run their market.

However, as you may know, “one swallow doesn’t make a summer.” So, let’s observe the market before questioning ourselves on 3D printing in the markers’ market.

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