3D printed hand tools that enable to cut filament and remove supports

Depending on the type of 3D printers, we all know that the use of precision tools is required to cut filament or remove supports during the printing process. Xuron Corp., a manufacturer of electronics grade hand tools, that serves a variety of industries unveiled a pair of precision tools that include an ultra-needle nose pliers and a flush cutter for trimming filament and removing support material from 3D printed parts.

The two tools include the Model 450 Tweezer-Nose™ Plier which has precise tips capable of holding a human hair and the Model 170-II Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter which produces a clean, square cut using shear action for trimming filament and cleaning up printed parts. Made from alloyed steel and hardened for high reliability and long life, Xuron® 3D Printer Hand Tools have a glare-eliminating black finish to be easy on the eyes and feature contoured, non-slip soft rubber grips and a Light Touch™ return spring. The Model 170-II cutter has an angled head and the Tweezer-Nose™ Plier has precision tips to hold the thinnest parts.”

The catalog of each product is available upon request.

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