Prairie Cord’ is the masterpiece of American designer Brian Peters who sculpted an exterior public art installation. By using 3D printed parts, the designer achieved an intricate structure that reveals the beauty of a bucolic environment, and mirrored waters.

The project has been commissioned by the Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison (Wisconsin, USA), that wanted to create a site-specific piece that plays with light, shadow, and reflection during both the day and night.

I designed an arc that utilizes an existing shallow pool to create a full cylinder. The intricate infill pattern is inspired by native prairie cord grasses and allows light to filter in and out of the installation”, the artist explains.

The 3D printing technology used for the project would be a process the designer has been developing for several years. The piece is made up of 3D printed ceramic blocks inset into a wood frame. The installation has been built as an assembly of composed of 80 individual blocks. Each 3D printed block has been hand refined, glazed, and fired in a kiln – after the fabrication.

Furthermore, the picture may give the impression that the structure floats lightly atop the garden’s pool but it is actually built on top of a foundation of concrete blocks. It is meant to rest above the water’s surface.


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