A project that would have taken 30 weeks worth of print time was able to be completed in just under 14 days using Slant 3D’s print farm.

To amplify the promotion of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, a professional golf tournament on the PGA Tour, the organizers of the competition wanted to have two block tee markers with the Zurich Classic logo at the beginning of each hole. This way the logo would be seen everywhere once the competition would be broadcasted on TV.

At the heart of the production of these markers are Slant 3D and NatureWorks. The first organization integrates a 3D printing that enables to mass produce on demand while the other is a material producer known for its Ingeo™️ biopolymers filaments.

The project started when NatureWorks reached out to Slant 3D to mass-produce the golf tee markers at an affordable cost. Slant 3D first designed a 3D model of the hole marker so that NatureWorks could see how the part would look like.

After the 3D model was approved, the next steps consisted in assembling, processing, and shipping over 1,000 parts within 2 weeks. Slant 3D explains in a press communication that the use of injection moulding would have been 10-20x costly than 3D printing, if it could be done with such a large part at all. However, the lead-time would have also been 6-12 months.

We were super excited to work with Natureworks using their environmentally conscious material Ingeo.  Ingo is a sustainably produced biopolymer with a small carbon footprint produced by Natureworks. Natureworks uses plants like corn and beets to transform greenhouse gases into long-chain sugar molecules, which are then fermented into lactic acid and used to create the material Ingeo.  This process of making this specific type of PLA is only the beginning. Everyday the 3D printing industry is becoming more and more environmentally conscious and Slant 3D is happy to be a part of it”, Slant 3D adds.

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