3D Lab adds new ATO technology products for customized metal AM powder production

EN: 3D Lab is streamlining metal powder production through new ATO technology products launched at Formnext this year. Image Credits: 3D Lab FR: 3D Lab rationalise la production de poudres métalliques grâce à de nouveaux produits technologiques ATO lancés au Formnext cette année. Crédits image : 3D Lab

Ultrasonic metal powder production and processing machines maker 3D Lab enhanced its ATO technology with new innovations announced at Formnext this year. 

3D Lab has added ATO Induction Melting System and the ATO Cast to its portfolio. The two new ATO technology seek to elevate the capabilities of ATO ultrasonic metal atomizers. 

Features of the new ATO technologies 

The ATO Induction Melting System has a module designed to produce high-quality spherical metal powders with low oxygen content and narrow Particle Size Distribution. This makes it effective for metal 3D printing materials having low melting points as it minimizes elements evaporation. 

The IMS has feedstock options that accommodate both rod feedstock using the Single Rod Feeding System module and irregularly shaped materials in a crucible which will enhance powder production efficiency and increase R&D potential. 

The ATO Cast unveiled by 3D Lab at Formnext is a high compact vacuum casting furnace designed for the highest purity of feedstock. It increases the precision of alloy casting and design. 

With the help of this new ATO technology, 3D Lab has further increased its capacity of providing more streamlined and customized metal powder production solutions to the additive manufacturing industry, fulfilling the needs of different sectors. 

The CEO of 3D Lab, Jakub Rozpendowski said: “The introduction of the ATO Induction Melting System and ATO Cast at Formnext this year is a significant milestone in our journey and reinforces our commitment to innovation and sustainability within the ATO Technology.”

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