We have talked about a wide range of topics: 3D shoes, 3D products, 3D software…What if we talk about 3D internet? The logical approach would be to consider a sort of combination between 3D software, virtual reality or augmented reality on a unique browsing platform.

Flypoint Software, a company that provides solutions in engineering and numerical calculations, addresses this issue in a very ambitious project. A number of questions has therefore been aroused:

What will be the future 3D sites? Will people be able to walk around them as in action games, move above the surface as in strategies, fly as in-flight simulators? Or will it be some kind of model which users will be able to twist in front of them as in CAD systems?

According to Flypoint Software developers, the designer could choose any of these options or even combine them in one scene.

We combined math, engineering standards, took some ideas from HTML5, added working principles of neural networks and got a real innovation storm. This is unbelievable, but it seems that it will not be necessary to program for the new 3D Internet. The worldwide virtual reality will be created exclusively by designers,” says Vladimir Novoselov, CEO and chief developer of Flypoint Software.

The creation of the new 3D Internet

In order to work on this browser, Flypoint Software would like to start a public discussion, with passionate people who would like to take part in the project and find out new ideas. According to the company, “the browser itself will never be able to interest a wide audience – people are really only interested in high-quality content and, in our company, we understand this important point well.

Furthermore, people are used to free browsers and the new internet will be no exception to this rule. However, for one year, the product will be made available to those who support the campaign that is currently going on and the funds will be used to advertise their joint FLYP projects with investors.

Before discovering the campaign, note that videos will not show fine renders, as the center of the action is supposed to be interactive technical documentation of the browser; which is itself written in FLYP language.

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