According to the surveys, fires that arrive in vehicles are due to negligence in the use of matches and cigarettes. However, their prevention starts with the use of adequate materials during their construction.

These must have a low flammability and a low flame spread rate. Igus, a specialist in materials, comes up today to propose a solution with its iglidur I3 material. Designed for 3D printing (SLS), it is wear-resistant and is recommended for all types of wear parts. In the FMV SS 302 combustion test, the measured combustion was approximately five times lower than the maximum value allowed.

This material contains, as acclaimed, less flammability and low propagation, to ensure sufficient time to stop the vehicle, even at high speed, and to leave it in time.

The components made of iglidur I3 are extremely robust thanks to the pressure applied by the FSL process. Moreover, the laser sintering makes it practically superfluous for any post-machining of the produced parts, these parts can be implemented directly, in the prototypes as in the series. Moving applications can thus benefit from very complex shapes and highly accurate components. ”

This material is one of the few to require low post-processing after printing.

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