Image: Redefine Meat

Food 3D Printing Company Redefine Meat achieves new milestone in its mission of delivering alternative 3D printed products. The New-Meat™ expert has launched plant-based whole cuts that are said to achieve a level of product quality comparable to high-quality animal meat. As a reminder, Redefine Meat uses a range of proprietary and patented technologies, including Meat Matrix Additive ManufacturingTM, to fabricate this alternative to real meat.

Backed by European Michelin-star chefs such as British chef Marco Pierre White, chef and Dutch TV personality Ron Blaauw, Berlin’s celebrated head chef of FACIL Restaurant (two-Michelin stars) Joachim Gerner, and Israel’s famed chef Shahaf Shabtay, the new products have received a positive response across the world.

The company said the plant-based whole cuts will first be made available in menus within select restaurants in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel. The range of New-Meat products include beef and lamb cuts, as well as premium-quality burgers, sausages, lamb kebabs, and ground beef – giving chefs unparalleled culinary versatility to incorporate plant-based meat into their menus.

Redefine Meat’s new launch is also well-in –line with the current global climate crisis. Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and Co-Founder of Redefine Meat said: “Over the past few weeks at COP26, we’ve seen world leaders commit to landmark goals such as the elimination of all deforestation by 2030, which requires a significant reduction in global meat consumption. Redefine Meat has its eyes set on the real problem – not meat, but the way it’s produced. We have a genuine solution that today, not in 2030, preserves all the culinary aspects of meat we know and love, but eliminates cattle as a means of production. We’ve achieved a level of superiority in taste and texture that surprised even some of the most recognized chefs in the world, and our unique technological capabilities enable us to replace every part of the cow for the first time. By continuing our close collaboration with the top-tier culinary world, we will accelerate our product rollout in the coming months – beginning with Europe and followed by the USA and Asia – and launch within multiple distribution channels next year.”

The announcement follows the recent launch of 5 3D Printed “New Meat” Products from the company.

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