3D Control Systems unveils cloud-based AM platform ZAP

3D Control Systems has just launched a new AI-powered automated software platform for the advanced manufacturing industry. Named ZAP, the software company ensures that the new platform is a cost-saving tool in hidden costs and inefficiencies with current AM systems that operate in companies’ facilities.

Designed to automate their internal 3D printing equipment or better manage external production by ‘eliminating the burden’ of multiple printers that do not ‘talk to each other’, ZAP would function like an operating system that is agnostic to any manufacturer software and design tools.

The founders of 3DPrinterOs first wanted the solution to cover tasks like file management and job preparation, but given the increasing complexity of monitoring 3D printer fleets, they moved to ZAP.

Available in small and medium manufacturing edition and an enterprise edition, the software is powered by purpose-built MES + PLM + ERP + QA + CRM artificial intelligence. The user could easily monitor the 3D printing workflows, prioritise parts, plan, schedule, track, ensure data standardisation, quality assurance and machine connectivity using the MES tools.

Like it is seen in other systems, ERP enables the automation of order management and facilitates hardware management and distributed manufacturing networks.

 QA on the other hand, is meant for scheduling, process management and equipment management; while, as the name suggests, CRM is designed to enhance the customer relationship management, and to monitor order and ROI.

According to Michelle Bockman, 3D Control Systems’ CEO : “ZAP encompasses everything operators need to run a factory, from ERP, MES, CRM, and PLM. Our extensive partnership ecosystem has driven full automation. The solution for our customers’ biggest challenge with 3D printing is to give them one agnostic cloud-based decentralized manufacturing operating system.”

First users of the platform state that the software platform makes the workflow more efficient.

When budgeting for the cost of running an advanced manufacturing facility, companies often overlook the massive hidden variable costs involving owning and operating equipment, software, people, and processes. These costs are usually 10x more than manufacturers expect. ZAP eliminates the cost variables through integration of all components to provide seamless automated interaction, resulting in reduced time and cost”, one can read.

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