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3D ADEPT MAG – N°6 – Vol 3 – November / December 2020

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This last issue of 3D ADEPT Mag for the year 2020 is a wrap. It sheds light on the main key takeaways of 2020 across a wide range of fields within the additive manufacturing industry.

From key lessons, we learned from sustainability to advice given to early stage founders who are looking for fundings, and industry experts’ point of view on metal 3D printed surface finish, this November/December issue is very timely.

Indeed, as this time of year is the perfect time to pause, reflect, and create/rethink a vision for ourselves of where we want to go – as a person or as a company – and who we want to be, this issue is uniquely positioned to inspire, educate or enrich your current reflections.

Exclusive features

Dossier – KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM THE YEAR 2020: “The good, the bad and the ugly”

We usually start/end the year by asking companies what the ending year meant for them and how they envision the new year. This year, we have done things differently. We have invited key companies and experts to discuss topics that have had a major impact throughout 2020.

5 topics have been discussed as the hottest ones in 2020.

Mentions:  Björn Hannapel, Head of Sustainability at EOS –  Sherry Handel, Executive Director at AMGTA –  Women in 3D Printing – Arno Held, Chief Venture Officer at AM Ventures –  LightForce Or thodont ics, Additive Drives GmbH, Addi tive Industries, Arevo, Azul3D, BCN3D, ICON, Kumovis, VELO3D a n d Mi g h t y Buildings, DyeMansion, 3YOURMIND, Covestro.

Metal AM:   Quality Must Be Calibrated Throughout the Additive Manufacturing Process

Repeatable part quality is the holy grail for the metal additive manufacturing (AM, aka 3D printing) industry. The aim is to match the reliability and performance seen in traditional manufacturing methods like machining or casting.

Zach Murphree, Vice President Technical Partnerships, VELO3D, shares his expertise in this column.

Focus on you series: ULT AG: Throwback to the company’s journey in 2020 and outlooks for 2021.

Like every company, ULT AG set itself strategic goals at the beginning of the year but 2020 had a different plan for the team.  (In collaboration with Alexander Jakschik, Managing Director/CSO at ULT AG).

Metal AM: A Guide to Metal 3D Printed Surface Finish

The nature of a surface is defined by three characteristics: lay, surface roughness, and waviness. It comprises the small, local deviations of a surface from the perfectly flat ideal, or a true plane. Here is everything you need to know on metal 3D printed surface finish.

A contribution of 3DEO.

Post-processing: Meet OSSBERGER GmbH & Co. KG, a company that is on a mission to automating post-processing operations

Strengthening conventional cleaning business with post-processing for Additive Manufacturing. We caught up with a new entrant in the post-processing market: OSSBERGER GmbH & Co. KG.

GUEST Column: China and Desktop 3D Printer markets lead the way for longer U-shaped recovery

The global 3D printing market saw a+24% second quarter sequential rebound in domestic unit shipments of Industrial-class printers in China, and a global surge of +68% in Personal desktop printer shipments. These trends give hope to an otherwise depressed 3D printer market that saw hardware revenues fall by -27% from a year ago.

Key takeaways from CONTEXT’ market analysis.

Event: Formnext Connect 2020: verdict, rising AM players and new comers on the additive manufacturing industry.